Earn To Die 2

Earn To Die 2
Earn to Die is a desktop and mobile game developed and published in 2012. It is available on both PC and Mobile store. Earn to Die sees a departure from the familiar desert setting, and delves into the depths of cities overrun by zombies.
Earn to Die game all about a man and his ride. Unfortunately his ride needs some upgrades to deal with an army of boxes and zombies that are in the way. He might also be trying to drive to Florida to get to an evacuation point, because of the zombie thing.
Link to play game: http://earntodieaz.com/battlefield-medic.html
In order to make progress towards his goal, your driver man must upgrade his car until he can reach the next check point. Occasionally he will also get a better/cooler car in which to continue the upgrade process in. Earn to Die concept and development by Toffee Games. Inspired by "Learn to Fly 2".

Gameplay is based off of the old tried and true physics motocross browser sims that have seen some pretty solid iterations on iOS.
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Earn To Die

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